TEMBEA is a Japanese bag brand founded in 2004. They set the concepts on each of their bags what they can contain, such as a baguette bag, book bag, toys, journal, vegetables. Using the canvas as a material, they value its simplicity and naturality. Seeing the ageing of fabric as it’s used is another feature of their item. Their bag basically does not have any pockets or partitions, in order to make users find “comfort of freedom”. TEMBEA means “wandering”, as they wish to make people feel to hang out with their bags. The fabric is cotton canvas, it’s waxed in a special process called paraffin to make it water repellent. Combed yarn is used for the canvas, the yarn which had been cleaned and removed the short cotton in order to remain the longer one, so as to make it durable. They use the 40 or 50 years old traditional loom for their canvas. The selvedges are their iconic feature, as they look natural and bare.

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