SyuRo strives to transmit the stories of Japanese artisans. Their atelier and shop is located in Torigoe, Taito-ku—Tokyo’s shitamachi, or old downtown. This area is filled with typesetting companies, canneries, cloth wholesalers and hardware stores, as well as small, family-run factories engaged in meticulous monozukuri, or traditional craftsmanship. Artisans and their time-honored crafts remain alive in this part of Tokyo.

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In today’s world, people often eschew traditional craftsmanship in favor of inexpensive, mass-produced products, which has forced many artisans to give up their trades. SyuRo offers a place for artisans to utilize their skills and take advantage of new materials and ideas for unusual household goods. In this way, SyuRo hopes to both improve the products’ quality and popularize them with consumers.


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