Travel Tin Candle Agharta


A spicy wood fragrance inspired by the temples that exist in Shambhala, the sacred city of the legendary underground city of Agartha. It is a spicy and rich fragrance in balanced with oriental mystical spices, soft sweet ambrette seeds, ylang-ylang, and noble aromatic woods.

APFR’s portable sized candle is made of the highest quality materials and carefully selected by their own. Handmade in their own factory in Japan one by one, even the cores and waxes are produced with the carefully and skillfully. As the name says this is a “travel” tin, this candle can be the new must-have item for the camping and cottage vacations. As well as on the working desk or bathtime, this candle will melt the tension just like the wax melts.

NOTES: cardamon, labdanum, cinnamon, clove, rose, ylang-ylang, cypress, ambled seed, vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood

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