Reversible Down Coat Sage Green


Reversible Down Coat from Nanamica. Uses the Kodenshi® down as its filling. The jacket is featuring the 2 surfaces of quilting side and smooth side. Smooth side has 2 lines of buttons like a pea coat, so that you can enjoy the style that you want.


Kodenshi® is ceramic material powder. In this jacket, Kodenshi® is used with the down filling, and they stick together, using the special technology. Kodenshi® down reflects back your body warmth which is the infrared light that comes out from the human body, and keeps it for your comfort. Hence, you won’t feel it’s too hot since it’s natural warmth but this will just keep your body warm.


-Oversized fit
-Light and durable
-Uses KODENSHI® down as its filling-100% Cotton
-High-density twill WR construction
-Polyester ripstop lined -KODENSHI® down filling
-Adjustable buttons
-Silicone brand logo at left cuff